Hi, I'm Janelle (my photo is at the left), the manager at Starlite Pavilion. I've prepared some answers to questions that you may have about Starlite Pavilion and it's services. I look forward to working with you to make your event the best it can be. Hope to see you soon!

How do I book the hall?
 Call Janelle at 718-850-1300
(or you can send an email by clicking on:
What will it cost to book the hall?
 Costs are based on a number of variables: The best thing to do is to call us to make an appointment and we will review your requirements, etc.
Can I bring my own food and/or beverages?
 Yes, you can either provide your own catering or Starlight can arrange catering for your event.
Does the hall provide security?
 Yes, Starlight will arrange proper security for you and your guests.
In the event of an emergency are there fire exits, etc?
 Yes, there are multiple emergency exits.
Can Starlite Pavilion accommodate special food requirements (for example: Kosher, diabetic, etc.)?
 Yes, we can meet your special food requirements.
Can Starlite Pavilion accommodate elderly or handicapped persons?
 Yes, we can provide accomodations for elderly or handicapped persons so please let us know your particular requirements ahead of time.
Can Starlite provide catering services or must I find my own?
 We can provide complete event management including catering services if desired, but you can provide your own if you prefer.
Can Starlite provide special decorations such as flowers, ornaments, etc, or must I provide my own?
 We can provide complete event management including decoration services if desired, but you can provide your own if you prefer.
How many people can I invite and what happens if more people come than I expected?
 We can accomodate guests up to the legal limit for the hall which is 350 people seated (418 people standing). However, additional charges will be incurred if the number of guests exceeds the contracted amount - that's why it's important that we discuss your requirements fully.
Can I inspect the facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc, before booking the hall?
 Yes, we'll be happy to take you on a tour of the hall - please call us at
718 - 850 - 1300 for an appointment.
Is there a refund policy if I'm not satisfied with something?
 All services are contracted with you and are preplanned to meet your individual requirements, so refunds are not generally made.
Can Starlite Pavilion prepare invitations and mailing notices for my event or must I do it myself?
 At additional cost we can provide invitations and mailing services, or you can perform these yourself prior to the contracted date of your event.
I have additional questions, who can I contact for answers?
 Please call: Janelle, Managing Director: 718-850-1300